Asthma and post nasal drip

asthma and post nasal drip

Post-nasal drip can be a nuisance and make your asthma control more difficult. Learn about actions you can take to help decrease your drip. Dec 24, Post nasal drip and asthma are bad enough on their own, but the combination is simply dreadful. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease — sometimes worrisome and inconvenient .. decreasing the post-nasal drip can reduce cough and throat irritation. asthma and post nasal drip Use dust-mite proof covers for pillows, comforters, duvets, mattresses and box springs. What are the complications of chronic cough? Mucus usually claritin for pediatrics down the back of your throat. Irritation caused by these symptoms can lead to chronic cough. Colds occur when a cold virus settles into the mucous membranes of the nose and sinus cavities and causes an infection. By using a humidifier in your home, you can protect your throat from additional dry air provoked irritation. Keep windows closed during high pollen and mold seasons. Substances in the mucus may irritate the back of the throat and cause coughing. In others, especially those with allergies, rhinitis can be a chronic problem. There are several types of rhinitis: Allergic rhinitis is caused by allergies to substances called allergens.

Asthma and post nasal drip - apologise, but

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